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Welcome To the Women's Film Festival and Conference

The two-time, award-winning international film festival and conference screens films from women around the world. The Festival’s red-carpet screenings, galas, two-day conference, and parties buzz with excitement.  The event is filled with accomplished and emerging filmmakers, artists, celebrities, innovators, while providing corporations and associations access to media creators and influencers from around the world.    


In addition, the WIFF ecosystem is a process that continues your development as a filmmaker/content creator, including screening your project at our FilmFestival and Conference, streaming your work on our platform WIFF-TV, appearing on our Podcast, and continued training to develop your personal brand for a sustainable career.  Keep reading to find out how you can enhance your career through WIFF.

Film Festival & Conference

If you’re interested in participating in our film festival as a content creator, click here to submit your film.  

If you’re interested in speaking at our conference, email us at info@womensfilmfest.com and put conference speaker in the subject line

WIFF-TV Streaming Platform

If you’d like to stream your work on our streaming platform, click here for more information, and/or go straight to our online application form.

If you’re a WIFF alumnus, let us know, so you can bypass some of the steps

Reel Moments: With BadAss Women In Film & Entertainment Podcast

Our podcast is on I-Tunes, Spotify, Pandora, Audible, I-Heart Radio and where most other podcasts directories.

If you’d like to like to be interviewed on our podcast, please email us at podcast@wifftv.com. We give priority to those who screened at WIFF or whose work is running on WIFF-TV. It’s our way of continuing to support you as you develop and grow.

Celebrity Brand You Personal Branding For Creatives

We are in an era where personal branding is not just important, but necessary.  If you’d like to build your brand for a sustainable career as a content creator, we have two programs to help you. 

Send us an email at info@womensfilmfest.com and put Personal Branding in the subject line